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Who are the Azariqa?

Abū Rāshid Nāfi’ Ibn Azraq [d.65H] founded the sect of the Azariqa which was a sub sect of the the Kharijite Movement. They considered themselves as inheritors of the Muhakkimah/Haruriyyah (The original Khawarij who rebelled against Ali [ra] & killed him). It is regarded as the most powerful & extreme of the Kharijite sects. (I think the oppression of the Umayyads especially its ruthless governors like Al-Hajjaj [rh] must have been a factor in their popularity)

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Nullifiers of the two testimonies

Nullifiers of the two testimonies are the nullifiers of Islam because it is that one pronounces in order to enter Islam. Uttering is affirming their intent, and being steadfast in establishing their prerequisites like fulfilling the rituals of Islam. Continue reading