Nullifiers of the two testimonies

Nullifiers of the two testimonies are the nullifiers of Islam because it is that one pronounces in order to enter Islam. Uttering is affirming their intent, and being steadfast in establishing their prerequisites like fulfilling the rituals of Islam. Continue reading


Thoughts #6 (Fahisha & Shirk)

One reason why liking what Allah hates can be considered dangerous is because the inability to fulfill one’s desire – not just because it is haram but also because it is not possible in the physical realm- leaves s person sad & miserable & it will distract them from from their worship. So it has traits of shirk; because a one’s devotion to Allah is being lessened by his love for other than Allah (the created). Continue reading

Thoughts #1 (Music & Jahiliyyah)

I think music is Kufr given a form; Which is why it is empty & sad. Kufr is the denial of Allah. Music excites the soul. It intoxicates the body like alcohol. It makes you feel happy or sad. It can be used to drum you up or can tear at your soul causing you to weep. But the world is neither empty nor sad! Life is not without purpose & existence is not meaningless. The arrogance of man has caused him to believe that he is the center of the universe. And when man sees his insignificance he falls into despair & Tyrannizes & spread corruption in the land. But the perspective with which to view one’s existence is that man has been thrust to the center of the Universe & must live out the transcendental Battle between Good & evil in a finite word with Good & Bad, Pleasure & Pain & where Absolute Truth exists.

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