PORNOGRAHY & Muslims (Hentai/Doujinshi)

[…Meanwhile, Crews himself hit back at people who don’t believe it’s possible to be addicted to porn. “If day turns into night and you’re still watching, you probably got a problem,” he said]

My mind has gone blank… I might complete this at a later date.

For now I will tell what WORKS.

Fasting definitely works!!!  It is Sunnah to fast alternate days. Please give it a try. Just a little by little. InshaAllah it will definitely work! er right watch Khalid Ar Rashid videos. ALSO PLEASE DONOT HATE YOURSELF (I mean you will you have to suffer in the moment but inshaAllah pick yourself back up) Don’t feel the need for self-pity. Please; yes we will keep doing it again & again BUT oh Muslim, My dear Muslim; My brother; My sister suffer & suffer but but we can do this InshaAllah.

Beloveds delete ur Dojins & no great art & how funny it is; is no excuse.

Another thing is reading about the Punishment of the grave & about the Day of Resurrection. Got to Kalamullah or Islamfuture.

1). Please Watch this video

2).Please Watch this video

More Importantly Watch This:


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