1. The Khawarij made takfeer of the Sahabah – The Mujahideen not only don’t make takfeer of the Sahabah, but are from the foremost of people in defending their honor, fighting the Rafidah Shi’ites!

2. The Khawarij made takfeer of Muslims due to sins – Nowhere in the actions or statements from any of those now slandered with the moniker “Kharijee” do we find such an innovated belief.

3. The Khawarij separated from the Jamaa’ah – The Mujahideen have called for the Muslims to unite upon the Truth, and fight the enemies of Islam.

4. The Khawarij rebelled against legitimate Muslim rulers who ruled according to Shari’ah, based on sins or what they perceived as such – The Mujahideen, where they do fight the regimes, is due to their ruling according to fabricated man-made laws instead of the Shari’ah, and their cooperation with the Kuffar in fighting the Muslims and making war upon the Deen.

5. The Khawarij fought the Muslims and left alone the Kuffar – The Mujahideen are fighting the foremost enemy of Islam, the head of Kufr and Shirk. Wherever there are Muslims being oppressed by the Kuffar, Mujahideen are sent there to fight for its liberation. We see nothing in the statements of the Mujahid leaders (those called “Khawarij”) but the activation of Tawheed and a fierce hatred of the Kuffar and application of Al-Walaa wal-Baraa.

The Mujahideen are free from the slander of those ignorants, and the ill talk from the scholars of taghoot

By our dear brother


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