Juhayman Al Oteibi


In Defence of Juhayman:


Juhyaman Al Oteibi & the militants who took over the Grand Mosque in 1979 old 1979 Makkah. These guys had good intentions. May Allah Have mercy on all Muslims.

Muhammed ibn Abdullah’s smile though. Masha Allah.

The last photo is a an explanation by the Saudi “Sheikh Muqbil” (rh) speaking about the incident. Here is a summary I took from a brother on a forum:

“I make Du’a’ that Allah forgives him and his Jama’ah for what they carried out in the Haram. Additionally, it is clear they (Juhayman and the brothers with him) didn’t make Takfir of the government, but rebelled on the basis of believing one of them (Muhammad al-Qahtani) was the Mehdi. I guess that will rebuke those who believed his motives were to fight the government. Some of the booklets that Juhayman wrote were even praised by Sh. Ibn Baz (he couldn’t disagree with what he had said). And here is Sh. Muqbil’s comments on him: (The red highlighted part in the last Photo)”

In the paragraph Sheikh Muqbil basically says: “He was a student of knowledge whom I knew & he studied with us. He didn’t have wrong aqeedah but (unlike us ‘senior’ scholars) he openly opposed the actions of Saudi government”  (Not accurate translation)

I won’t say whether what they did was right or wrong but:

Sh. Muqbil was temporarily thrown out of the Kingdom after this incident along with other Tullab al-‘Ilm and Shuyukh. The actions had a huge impact in the kingdom causing it to become more Islamic to prevent future uprisings & forced Al Saud to support the jihadists in the 80s until the Gulf War in the 90s.

The Takeover of the Mosque.

The beginning of this book quotes Juhayman Al Oteibi:


The Story of the siege:



“Sheikh” Abu Muhammed Al Maqdisi on the militants


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