To Every Muslim Otaku (On Anime)

Wallahi Anime ruined me.

Ecchi? Harem? Shounen-ai? Shoujo-ai?

Wallahi my way of thinking has been altered do much. SubhanAllah!

I used to watch stuff like Pokemon & Yu gi oh when I was a child but the first time I became an “Otaku” & anime lover who likes Japan & is a part of the anime community was in 2012. I Used to be very depressed & sad but anime used to make me happy. I used to laugh & not feel alone & used to cry for the characters who died because I loved them.

I used to watch all genres even “ecchi” (Though Hentai was disgusting; I stayed away Al Hamdulillah). I used to say this keeps me away from Haram & porn & not make me want to do Zina because I used to feel guilty looking at the anime characters. “What would they think if I did these haram things”. I used to in fact be kind of proud & I still never look at real women because “2D is the way”. While this protects but it is also wrong in another way. I used to justify saying how can something that makes me happy & not suicidal be unlawful for me. But that’s the wrong logic.

Anime also changed me in a lot of negative ways. For example I couldn’t stand homosexuality before & still can’t in real life but I don’t find anything wrong watching shounen-ai & “traps.”

SubhanAllah isn’t that wrong! It’s not like we can say; okay so Islam in real life but in this imaginary realm all this crap is allowed. Our scales & system of judgement changes…

I am going to end by saying:

Ibn al Jawzi (or was it ibn al Qayyim) said: the love of Allah & love of music cannot exist in the same soul.

I think the same will apply to anime regardless of whether it has ecchi, shirk, magic or not. Anime is HARAM, I mean drawings, music, Ecchi, Shounen/Shoujo ai, etc? . You can’t argue with that. It doesn’t change the fact that I love Anime but we obey what Allah & his messenger said & stay way from what they forbade.

So I am just “advising” that in due time I think you should stop watching anime. I stopped watching it a month ago (January 2016). Just like I stopped listening to Music years ago.

I understand that watching in itself may not be “haram” but Im talking about the spiritual aspect. “I” am not telling you to stop…

 Just saying that you should look deeper one day & think what about when angels ask “Man Rabbuk”. Because Im ATTRACTED to traps & guys in anime though I would puke at Sodomy in real life. That makes me really sad.

So that’s it Just wanted to give you my perspective. I love you & hope Allah enters you to Firdaws. That’s it.

For those who wish to draw Anime: Ahadith on Drawing


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