Thoughts #4 (Nihilism & Qital)

[Imaginary Realm START]

The purpose of Jihad is to make the word of Allah highest not merely kill or take revenge.

I was thinking about Alwiyatus Silvan (non-existent) which believes in slaughter & bloodshed. So if such a group existed would they sing things like this:

“We turned the black darkness a Bloody red,

And filled the silent night with beautiful screams.

With our swords we judged the nations of men,

And With the Stars we have ascended beyond the Worlds.

We are princes awaiting our kingdoms,

And the greatest reward is the  Face of Allah & his Salam.”

It doesn’t rhyme because theyr jumbled up sentences that I jotted down. It would work better as a speech….

Also the last line contradicts the theme of the rest of the poem.

So basically these are (BITTER) people with issues & they want revenge.

So they take Solace (Silvan) in killing & dramatizing the slaughter of their opponents. The thing that gives them pleasure is not the killing but the logic used to kill them is the same logic given in the Fatawa of the Palace Scholars & the Maslaha based interpretations of the Donkeys of Ilm & the moderates.

So it gives them pleasure to make their enemies look Stupid & powerless & to show them how they too can cause them pain.

How ever this is not Jihad….

This is Dhulm (Oppression) & Allah prohibited Dhulm both on himself & his slaves.

So remember Jihad is  only Jihad when it is Fi Sabilillah (In the Way of Allah)!


Note: This was a reminder to me because I am like the people of (the non-existent) Alwiyatus Silvan.

[Imaginary Realm END]



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